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Maddhapara Granite Mining Company Limited (MGMCL) a company of Petrobangla under the Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources, and Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was incorporated on August 04, 1998 with a paid up Capital of Taka 350 Crore under Company Act. Of 1994.
The main objective of the Project is to set up an underground hardrock mine at Maddhapara Dinajpur. The mine is designed to produce 1.65 million M. tons of hardrock per annum to meet the requirement of flood control, construction of coastal and town protection embankment, construction and maintenance of bridges, roads & highways, embankment, river training, railway ballast, high rise buildings decorated tiles and other heavy construction works.
Salient Features of Maddhapara Hardrock Mine:
1. Location of the Project : Vill: Maddhapara, P.S.: Parbatipur, Dist : Dinajpur.
2. Depth of rock : 124 meter from the surface.
3. Reserve & mine area : Reserve in the mine area of 1.0 km × 1.2 km =1.2 km2 is 174 million tons
4. Point load strength : 24,000 PSI
5. Annual Production : 1.65 million tons.
6. Life of the mine : Project analysis based on 41 years (including development period) but mine operation life may be extended for more than 70 years.
7. Employment opportunity : Direct -766, Indirect – 10,000.
8. Method of mine : Room & Pillar/ Sub-Level Drift Stoping Method.
9. Mode of Entry
(Length & dia. Of shafts)
: Two Vertical shafts (The length of the skip shaft is 380m & cage shaft 330 m. Inner dia of both shafts is 5.0 m. and distance between two shafts is 85 m).
10 Investment cost
(TK. In lakh)
Total L.C. F.C
($ 197.889 m.)
($ 57.086 m.)
($ 140.803 m.)
11. Present sale price
(Commercial Product)
Product Price
Boulder (>250mm)

USD 30.00

Crushed (5-20mm)

USD 35.00

Crushed (20-40mm)

USD 33.00

Crushed (40-60mm)

USD 32.00

Crushed (60-80mm)

USD 29.00

Dust (0-5mm)

USD 10.00

Loading Charge (Truck/ Rail Wagon) Stone Dust/Crushed Stone/Assorted Rock- 60Tk/Ton   Boulder- 80Tk/Ton
Environment Preservation:
The company is making a significant contribution to improve environment and ecological balance by replacing clay-burnt bricks in construction works. Present brick manufacturing not only causes damage to agricultural land but also causes deforestation due to indiscriminate use of fire-wood in brick-field and other purposes. This will significantly reduce production of bricks for construction purposes and thus held to check deforestation.
The company has taken up necessary steps to preserve environment at the project site during its implementation project. The mine water are being examine regularly in order to prevent pollution of surrounding areas. Besides various gases which evolved due to blasting are measured by gas analyzer regularly. With the help of spraying and water using local fan, gases are diluted and eliminated as such miners are saved from any hazards.
In line of the Government policy, 2818 nos. of different varieties saplings were planted in the mine area in order to keep ecological balance.
Socio Economic Development of the Project Area:
The following Socio Economic Development had been established because of the company:
Up-gradation & completion of existing Phulbari - Maddhapara Road (13 km) by Roads and High ways Department. The work has already been completed.
Bhabanipur – Maddhapara Railway line (14.5 km) construction by Bangladesh Railway. The Railway line has already been completed.
Rangpur – Maddhapara – Barapukuria – Syedpur (about 70 km) 33KV Power Transmission line by Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB). The transmission line has already been completed.
Maddhapara – Mithapukur and Maddhapara –Badargonj Road upgrading and completion by Roads & High Ways. Roads are being implemented by Roads & High ways.
The mining company will also contribute in creation of linkage industries, infrastructural facilities, direct and indirect job opportunities for overall socio-economic development of the mine area.
Human Resources Development:
At present total Manpower of the company stands at which included officer and 70 staffs. In local and abroad various type of training courses have been organized to develop the human resources of company. 20 nos. of officers have already been trained in different discipline of mining in DPR of Korea. 320 nos. of mine workers have been locally trained by Korean Mine experts. After completion of the project they would be employed in place of Agreement with Supervisory. 23 nos. of officers Have already been trained in Poland under the Supplementary Agreement with Supervisory Consultancy. 57 nos officers had also been trained up locally in different courses from different training institute e.g. Academy for planning and Development, TICI, IEB, BPI, BIM, USAID etc.

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